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Default Re: Where Have You Lived?

Originally Posted by MAX ZNAEVSKY
I was born in town of Cherepovets - it's Finno-Ugric word - Cherepoves - means "Pile of fish". This settlement was founded in 950-960 A.D., and in 1777, by the decret of Empress Katherine II was declared as a town-Cherepovets.

In 1997 I moved in Saint-Petersburg.

Wow, St. Petersburg. If there's one city I want to see in the World it would be St. Petersburg. Such rich history and social changes in such short spans have really given it a multi-faceted and rich culture in comparison to a lot of other shorter-existing American cities.

I've lived in Gravesend, Kent, England for my whole life. We have Gary Noonan (drum maker) and are known as the deathplace of Pocohontas. The theory is that she saw Gravesend and gave up hope. I feel the same, the place is horrendus. Only good thing are the plentiful transport links to get me out.
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