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Default Re: Evans experts -- Looking for Strata information

Originally Posted by Cymbalrider View Post
The Strata are most similar to Remo Renaissance heads. It's a textured head, not so much a coating. I've seen/played them on timpani and bass drums but not yet snares/drum sets. They are resonant with a softer attack than clear heads

After trying Earthone heads (real calf skin), I've noticed that nothing on the conventional market sounds or feels like the real skin heads do. The closest probably is the Fiberskyn Ambassadors in sound, but the Skyntones in feel. I've got an Earthtone head on a vintage Gretsch snare I've restored and I compared it with a Skyntone head on my Sonor snare. I love Evans' products too, but they haven't got much in the way of calf-like heads really. The J1s aren't as close as they say they are, but they are nice heads too.

My vote is for the Strata 1000
I'm pretty much leaning that way. I've been using the Aquarian Modern Vintage heads for a while but have been looking at Evans as an alternative. I really like the Aquarian heads but the availability issue has me looking at Evans. Ironically the Strata heads aren't widely available either.

I want to be able to go buy a head without having to resort to Guitar Center or Musicians Friend.
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