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Default Re: Roland SPD-SX Sampling vs. Octapad SPD-30 Phrasing, etc.

Originally Posted by MrLeadFoot View Post
Couldn't that have been done simply with a laptop, or is there some other benefit that it has that made you decide to part with good money? (Hope that makes sense.)
I would still need to somehow tryiger the backing segments

Can the SX hold enough to cover a 4-hour gig? For example, can you have, you load and play horns and keys tracks for 45 complete songs?
Absolutely. I don't remember the specs but I easily have four sets of stuff on there now. I have 73 songs now. There are 100 "spaces" and I am planning on deleting the 17 factory installed percussion kits to make more room.

What are the couple of things that you think could stand to be improved?
I'd like more remote triggers available. The pads are close together and are sometimes tough to hit consistently.

Also, each pad has a main and a sub so you cal stack two files on top of each other and the have separate volume controls but the subs won't loop.

And, I forgot which setting it was but, one of them was global and shouldn't have been.That was helpful, huh :)
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