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Default Re: Remo Emperor vs Remo Ambassador Heads

Originally Posted by Lovetadraw View Post
No this was very informative. I definitely will look into getting Emps for the 13" and 16". Would you consider clear with possible tape/gel/rings to taste or coated? I've been using Rings as they gave me a strong hit while still cutting the overtones. While gels just over all took away the sound evenly. I'm thinking maybe clear if I'm going with Emps, and just for a change.
Great I'm glad you got something out of my rambling lol! :)

Personally I don't foresee ever using coated heads on this X7 kit ever again. I just never quite liked the feel of the Ambassador X or coated in general. I like the attack of clear heads and I also like the feel and give of thicker clear heads. As a matter of fact my next setup, for batters anyway, are going to be Vintage Emps on the 10" and 12" RT's and 16" FT with Moongels. Just to see what the effect would be like as I haven't gotten the chance to try Moongels, I took a piece of tissue paper, folded it into a 1" x 1" piece or so and then used clear packaging tape to tape it down onto my 10" tom and 16" FT. Guess what, it worked great! Maybe not as proper as a piece of Moongel or two but it cut out the ovetones a good bit and made the drums sound even better while wearing muffs!

I did the above with the Pinstripes that are currently on my set and feel it's a tiny bit too dead while wearing muffs. So while I feel the clear Emperor is just a touch too open by it's self I'm thinking that the Vintage Emp with a piece of Moongel on the 10" and 12" and maybe 2 pieces on the 16" is going to give me what I'm after! Yes the Vintage Emp is 2 ply 15mil compared to the Pinstripe being 2 ply 14mil but the Vintage Emp is still more open than a Pinstripe as it doesn't have any premuffling on it.

The only thing I must figure out now is if I want to try Diplomats instead of Ambs as resos. I feel like the 16" has too much sustain for my taste so it should help with a thinner head, not to mention a piece or two of Moongel.
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