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Default Re: Remo Emperor vs Remo Ambassador Heads

I haven't tried the Vintage A's yet. I use a 2 ply on my snare only. I did however try a coated Aquarian Super 2 on my snare just the other day. (made with 2 plies, a 7 mil and a 5 mil) My take on it is it needs to be broken in for a bunch of gigs before I can say what my take on it really is. My initial feeling is that it will be a contender for my favorite head. Right now a broken in coated emp or g2 is my fav snare head.

The vintage A's I believe are 2 ply, a 7 mil ply and a 3 mil ply. I have to say, it does sound interesting. I should try one. Same overall thickness as an Amb but 2 ply. Interesting.
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