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Default Re: feedback, thoughts and opinions

OK folks; the basic noise reduction numbers are:

Crash Can 6 panel shield:

21 dB reduction in the HF. 6 dB total broadband reduction.

Compared to:

Standard acrylic 1/4" 6 panel shield - with additional 1' inclined deflectors:

16 dB in HF, 3.5 dB total broadband

Both units were set in an identical semicircular configuration.

This test was done under controlled conditions by a certified sound engineer, with the basic plastic units only. We didn't do any tests with additional soundproofing, but this would undoubtedly raise the final noise reduction significantly. We'll be doing another test this week with the addition of 4" pyramid foam around the lower interior - just for further clarification. The addition of a cover would certainly kill a lot of high frequency noise, but that's the skinny on the basic unit.

As it stands, it's a definite winner - even without additional bells and whistles. It's price-comparable, easily modified*, super-lightweight, incredibly tough*, has no mechanical parts, and it just plain works better.

I'll be posting actual spreadsheets with hard data soon - for all you serious techies.

*easily modified, incredibly tough* - you can cut it with a jigsaw, drill it, hammer it, nail it, screw through it, kick and beat it in frustration, cuss it, throw someone through it, toss it out a three-story window, use it for a hammock...pretty much anything but setting it on fire is fine.

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