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Default Re: Roland SPD-SX Sampling vs. Octapad SPD-30 Phrasing, etc.

I've mainly had experience with the Multi-12 and compared to the SPD-SX it has an advantage of 3 extra rim pads and 4 voice-layers per pad which help customize the drum sounds. It makes a useful practice setup with optional snare pad & pedals and would integrate easily with an acoustic kit.
I usually just practise with tunes on the iPod and I'm interested in using midi files for rhythm backing tracks. The specs refer to a max of 50 user- defined patterns/phrases that can be imported as SMF/midi files and use up to 896KB of user-pattern memory. The M-12 is supplied with Cubase AI 5 which can export standard midi files or there are plenty of midi song files available (which may need converting to Format 0). The midi files can be stored in groups of 50 on USB stick and imported as required.
Maybe Yamaha will be more generous with wave file memory in the next M-12 upgrade.

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