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Default Re: Slipping bass drum beater?

Originally Posted by Km6543 View Post

...Many years ago I bought a double kick pedal. The pedal had only one screw per beater shaft, and the beaters repeatedly slipped out during playing. I would retighten them but they would just come loose again within seconds. ..

Assuming there weren't stripped threads from the factory (you'd be able to tell because you wouldn't be able to feel it tighten down),

the only thing I can think of that might cause that would be that the screws were too short - long enough to feel like it tightened, (but it was really bottoming out on the casting),
but too short to get a good hold on the shaft. Seems pretty unlikely from a company like Yamaha, but I guess stranger things have happened.

Originally Posted by Km6543 View Post

... I was looking into the newer Yamahas since overall I liked the ones I had. I am not sure how they compare to the old ones though. Seems some of the features have been removed. Also nobody seems to carry them locally. I wonder if Yamaha has backed out of the pedal market somewhat...

Yamaha offers a pretty good selection of pedals - belt, chain, direct drive, in single and doubles:

I've got 3 sets of Yamaha doubles and a whole bunch of singles, and have never had a problem with loose beaters.

I understand some people had problems with the Flying Dragons. One of my sets is a 9315dp - it looks like a FD, but without the foot board decals. It was a model or two after the FD's.

Here's what Yamaha says about the beater thing now: "....The hole in the beater hubs are tear drop shaped so it securely holds the beater shafts and keeps the new two-sided beaters from spinning...'

I'm sure you saw my thread about the set I got yesterday:

Anyways - I have no problem recommending any of the Yamaha pedals to anyone. They make just about anything someone would want, and their prices are usually middle range - not super cheap, but not outrageously expensive either.
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