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Default For the first time, I formed a band.

Hey all, Like most local musicians I know a lot of people who play, sing, etc. Recently on FB a girl I know posted some pics of her and her brother at an open mic night. I know neither of them are in a band so I got the idea to give them a call and see about forming a band. I really dont need to be in another band, I just know these two are super talented. I contacted a local high school prodigy for bass and another friend I jammed with years ago to play rhythm guitar. we rented a practice studio and named a few song to try. Holy crap did it go well!! She has amazing pipes! We did Adele, Alannis Morrisett, No Doubt, Pink, Journey, Foo Fighters, tom petty and stevie nicks duet and ozzy and lita duet ( her brother sings great as well. So far this is working out well, its kind of cool in a way that her vocal range opens up all of these songs that I normally wouldn't play. They laughed at me when I told them I never heard the Adele song. Anyway, that's my story and Im stick to it!
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