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Default Re: Axis Longboard double pedal facelift

Just tried using a power tool for sanding/polishing - wow, quick progress and great results! Definitely going to use this for the bigger areas. I'll still add some additional hand polishing in the end. Looks gorgeous!

Later... Decided to start working on the slave pedal, too - that fast progress (using power tools) motivated me.
First did some rough sanding (80 grit), then continued with 150 grit. Then 280. Reworking the edges is next, then hand polishing.
The footplates started looking so good so I continued sanding and tried to get rid of the 'structure' and get a plain/flush surface.
After taking the pics I did another sanding round though... damn perfectionism, haha! So the pics aren't up to date but I was too lazy to shoot some new ones.

You can clearly see which edges have been reworked - and those aren't even polished.
The 150 and 280 grit sandpaper is high quality stuff that I bought from a luthier - haven't finished modding an el. bass guitar, that's what I bought that stuff for.
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