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Default Re: Slipping bass drum beater?

Originally Posted by XplosiveDrummer View Post
Oh wow. Yeah I'm not sure about those. I'm sure there are some who really know that series of pedals so maybe they'll chime in at some point.

What were you thinking of getting down the road?
There are so many to choose from I would be hard pressed to decide. I was looking into the newer Yamahas since overall I liked the ones I had. I am not sure how they compare to the old ones though. Seems some of the features have been removed. Also nobody seems to carry them locally. I wonder if Yamaha has backed out of the pedal market somewhat.

I am wanting to try my hand at speed metal, 200+ BPM extended double kick drumming. So I would want a pedal that is responsive enough for that kind of playing. My current pedal is a mid-range PDP I bought about seven years ago and it has held up well. I have been practicing what I can on it but I am not sure if it is the best for that kind of music.

But overall, since I play a wide variety of music I would want a pedal that is solid and versatile. Not one specifically designed for metalheads or some other demographic.

I am not inclined to run out and buy an Axis or Trick pedal, as I feel with some practice I could probably do what I want to do on a less expensive pedal. Although if I really ended up liking them who knows. I am not a fan of DW for various reasons, though I am open to the PDP line.
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