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Default Re: Remo Emperor vs Remo Ambassador Heads

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So here's the main question (s), if I were to switch from my Coated Amb.s to Clear or Coated Emp.s what would I immediately notice? I.E. Would lower tunings come easier? Would I get any extra pitch bend from using Clear Amb. resos? Would higher tunings sound less piecing? Would it maybe work best to only use Emp.s on the 13" and 16" since they seem to be the most difficult? How much quieter would they be? Clear or Coated?

I don't have lots of money to try out a lot of heads so I wanna try to make a decision I can live with for another year.
IMO what you would immediately notice is the feel and sound difference especially without ear plugs or muffs on. To put it in a way you can visualize the thin coated Ambo is like a single sheet of paper, the coated Emp or thicker would be like hitting 4 or 5 sheets of paper stacked on each other. If you want, you can go try that effect yourself. Hitting on one sheet of paper on a hard surface is going to feel thin and brittle, hitting on a stack of papers is going to feel thick and dense. As for lower tuning coming easier, well I don't know about easier but the tone will be deeper at lower tension compared to the single ply. As for pitch bend, I believe that's more so tuning of the heads and not thickness. Also yes because the heads are two ply it won't be as open as a single ply so you won't be able to go too high in the tuning ranges even with an 8" tom. Ideally it would be best to go single ply on toms smaller than 13" and then two ply on anything bigger to give the drums an incredible melodic difference in pitch going from the highest to lowest. Though because single ply tends to wear faster and go out of tune sooner most of us go with 2 ply on batters all around, even for snare drums. As for being quieter, well clear heads are going to be more open than coated single ply or more and have distinct differences in sound and feel. That said yes a 2 ply coated will be a bit deeper and more mellow compared to a more "open" single ply coated. It's all the same with each type of head, sound and feel. The thinner it is the more brittle it feels, the thicker it is the more durable it feels. Also the more open and brighter it will be compared to thicker heads. Coated heads provide more of an "EQ'd effect as it cuts out the attack and overtones to a degree.

Bottom line is it all comes down to what you want or need. IF you like the feel and sound of coated but want more durability, then go 2 ply coated. Like more attack with an extremely open sound for the most tone possible go single ply clear.

Hope that helped a little, sorry for the long post.


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