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Default Slipping bass drum beater?

Hi there. Quick question, more out of curiosity at this point than anything.

Many years ago I bought a double kick pedal. The pedal had only one screw per beater shaft, and the beaters repeatedly slipped out during playing. I would retighten them but they would just come loose again within seconds. I finally ended up having someone drill a notch into the beater shafts where the screws would fit and that solved the problem.

I no longer have that pedal. Today I am using a mid-range pedal with *two* screws holding the beaters in, and have never had a problem with them slipping out. BUT as I look at my options for better pedals down the road, I would want to avoid a repeat of that issue.

I am a bit surprised that most pro-level pedals only seem to use one screw per beater.

Has anyone had any issues with beaters slipping out? Have you been able to fix this in ways that don't involve goop or messy stuff? Would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks!
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