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Default Re: Remo Emperor vs Remo Ambassador Heads

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I completely disagree, and so would Simon Phillips, Jeff Porcaro, Phil Collins, Manu Katche, and about a million other world class drummers.
Yeah but are we talking what the naked ear hears or what we hear when their kits are mic'd going through EQ's and processors? Trust me changing from a 1 ply Ambo to a 2 ply Emp on the 16" FT of my X7 was a huuuuge change in tone. Not to mention when a Pinstripe is on it. Now whether or not that has to do with shell difference is unknown but I'd still venture to say not really. Common sense and logic tells you that a thicker head will sound deeper. It goes for everything material wise, like for example hearing more through thin walls vs a thicker wall and what ever else you can think of.
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