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Default Re: My new (to me) PDP M5 kit

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
You got terrific drums for a rock bottom price. Nice finish too! I have nothing but compliments for PDP drums. I don't know why some people knock them. 32 TPI threads, nicer lugs than DW's, same iso mount system. My 14 hanging floor tom can sustain really long if I tune it a certain way, to the point where it's almost a problem. I like those problems though. I think they are an excellent value. And for 200 bones? That's a very big bang for your drumming dollar. (I snagged mine for 125, 2 miles from my house.) I like them better than my DW's tone-wise because of the straight shell inside. Great edges too. I really like mine.

So gorgeous kit man. I wish you many thousands of happy hours playing them.
Thanks Larry. I can't wait to really get some hours on them. I'm not even gigging or recording (yet) but just love playing and learning new patterns/grooves/ideas.

I found myself going down the basement to putz around with them several times last night. Couldn't really play as the kids were asleep but gotta get my hands on them somehow.

You got your PDP kit for $125? That's incredible. I've found that patience + craigslist can be very fruitful.

I think I will try the 2 up (offset) for a while and see how it goes. I just don't like my ride anywhere else but close in tight and low.
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