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Default Re: Your Favorite Alcohol High

My favorite alcohol highs depends what mood and company I'm in.

Me myself and I: Scotch (Never understood why people hating on drinking by yourself, I used to do it once a month and it was lovely as long I had some great music/stand up to entertain myself with)
Me and my girl home watching a great movie: Red wine.Makes me feel warm and lovely inside.

Getting crazy the last night on a festival with big group of friends: White wine, for whatever reasons nothing gets me more wild and crazy. Had my best nights out with white wine and my only blackouts in my life.

Clubbing all night and have to keep the energy up to dance to 6 in the morning: Jack and Coke or even better Jägermeister and redbull!(It's makes you wild happy and energized)

Don't know what 8mile talking about, off course different liquors affect you differently. It's not only alcohol that affects the high, it's also other drugs like caffeine and herbal stuff that's in Absinthe and Jägermeister for example. Also very different if you build up your drunk under a period of 5 hours drinking beer or if you shotting tequila shots and get drunk in 5 minutes.(Hate tequila >_<)

These days I'm so boring and never really get to the point were I feel high. Mainly drink red wine and beers for the taste.
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