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Default Re: My new (to me) PDP M5 kit

You got terrific drums for a rock bottom price. Nice finish too! I have nothing but compliments for PDP drums. I don't know why some people knock them. 32 TPI threads, nicer lugs than DW's, same iso mount system. My 14 hanging floor tom can sustain really long if I tune it a certain way, to the point where it's almost a problem. I like those problems though. I think they are an excellent value. And for 200 bones? That's a very big bang for your drumming dollar. (I snagged mine for 125, 2 miles from my house.) I like them better than my DW's tone-wise because of the straight shell inside. Great edges too. I really like mine.

So gorgeous kit man. I wish you many thousands of happy hours playing them.
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