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Default Re: Axis Longboard double pedal facelift

Duncan, at times I wondered what I even started - but I know this feeling from previous (similarly crazy) projects. - It's coming together slower than I'd like to. Plus, I didn't have the full weekend to work on it. About 1/3 of the work is done now. At first the cleaned up areas didn't stick out too much as there weren't too many of them. But with more and more areas being reworked, the overall cosmetic impression has changed drastically. Now it's vice versa - the eye would detect anything that still looks unworked, haha. Looking forward to the finished result. Hopefully, the polishing will do the Trick so I can get my Hoofs on the Axis ;-)

What has helped me a lot (mentally) was listening to music - Symphony X, Tarja Turunen (singer, ex-Nightwish), Animals As Leaders, some soundtracks... haha.

You've got a nice project running! Some work is worth being done properly. That snare will definitely come to new life!

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