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Default Re: Roland SPD-SX Sampling vs. Octapad SPD-30 Phrasing, etc.

Originally Posted by New Tricks View Post
The SPD SX is an expensive but awesome tool. I use mine to play short backing tracks (synth, horns,piano, guitar......whatever) live.
Couldn't that have been done simply with a laptop, or is there some other benefit that it has that made you decide to part with good money? (Hope that makes sense.)

Simply record the piece, convert to a WAV file and load it onto the SPD.
In this regard, is sounds you use it like someone would use the Yamaha, in that instead of creating the songs on the unit itself you create the sounds on something else and then transfer the sounds to the unit. Which brings up this: Can the SX hold enough to cover a 4-hour gig? For example, can you have, you load and play horns and keys tracks for 45 complete songs?

On that topic, Wildbill, the Yamaha says it has only 64Mb of ROM, so I can assuming it cannot even come close to holding that much, and in fact might only be able to hold MAYBE 10 songs worh of this. Is that correct?

I don't use any of the drum sounds so I have no clueabout them. Al I know is that it was exactly what I was looking for and there are only a couple things they could have done better.
What are the couple of things that you think could stand to be improved?
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