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Default Re: Initial review of Aquarian's Super 2 coated head

So I used the Super 2 for a full night at a gig on Saturday night.

Like all new heads I've tried in the last 3 years, the Super 2, to my ear, sounds like it needs the coating to be beat down for a few months before the real tone of the head will come out. It still seems a little deadened by the coating. My favorite head continues to be the beat down coated emperor or G2. So in all fairness, I can't really tell if I like the Super 2 yet because it's not broken in. The question is do I want to have a less than awesome snare sound for the first few months while I wait for the coating on this head to compress. My initial reaction is no, just put the old coated emp back on. There's nothing wrong with it, I'm completely happy with the emp. I just wanted to try the Super 2. because the 7 mil and 5 mil ply intrigued me. I think it might sound really good after it's broken in. I just don't want to sacrifice tone in the meantime. So a bit of a dilemma. To the Super 2's credit, the tone wasn't so bad that I wanted it off right away. If it really bothered me, there's no way I could have played it all night. I just knew that the drum had more to give with my coated emp on it. So what to do. I'm leaving it on for my next gig, a really low volume gig with a blues band where I tune low and sloshy. It will work fine for that, and get me more "beat down" time on the head. So maybe if I get this head to a point where it is broken in, I will come back to this thread and give a real review.
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