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Default My new (to me) PDP M5 kit

Bought these last week for a knockout price of $200. Only missing the snare and tom mount which I picked up on CL for about $25.

Got them polished up with a little help from my...."indentured servants," set them up and they look beautiful.

Almost no scratches or dents on these things. The heads need replacing (other than bass drum which I already upgraded) but even at that, I think it was a good deal. Quite a step up from my Sunlites. They served me well for many years but had to go.

Just can't decide if I want to go with the traditional 2 up and one down, 1 up and 1 down or 2 up (offset to the left) and 1 down. I want to like this last option but it makes my hi-hat positioning seem strained.
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