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Default Re: Favorite Cymbal Owned and Favorite Dream Cymbal

Originally Posted by XplosiveDrummer View Post
Can't really say as of now. Honestly as a broad opinion I'd say a nice simple setup of two crashes, a ride, hats and a few effect cymbals from the top series from one of the cymbal companys of my choice. I'm a big fan of Benny Greb and I too, like Porter, wouldn't mind some of the amazing cymbals from Meinl but possibly not limited to the Byzance series. Although I haven't heard much of Meinl except for Benny's Sand Ride, Filter China and stacks etc so I don't know what would fit in with how or what I play.

I guess to give an answer as of now my eyes are on the 17" Holy China. :)
Some Mb20s, maybe a Soundcaster or M-Series could be nice as well :)

Ooh, forgot to mention the 20" Byzance Dark Raw Bell ride :D that one is really quite something.
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