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Default Re: Thick single ply heads?

Originally Posted by AudioWonderland View Post
I don't care for the thicker single ply heads. It feels like hitting concrete or steel. Way too stiff. It may be because I prefer my drums tuned into the higher ranges but they just don;t work for me
Same here. When I first experimented with thicker single ply heads, I was like finally, someone thought to do this. They should sustain longer and sound deeper. There would be minimal losses compared with a 2 ply head. Which is all true. But straight away, bottom line, I didn't like the particular set of frequencies they made. To my ear hey were a very middy low end that kind of dominated. I liked them better as a reso, but even after a while, I grew tired of the mid low flavor it added even as a reso, and went back to a 10 mil head. I felt I got a more balanced set of frequencies overall from the 10 mil head. I would like to hear a 9 or a 9.5 mil head next, and go in that direction. 7 mil heads I know are way too thin for me. Next they need to experiment with a graduated single ply head. Thicker in the middle and gradually getting thinner towards the edges. Or the reverse. That would be interesting.
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