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Default Re: Thick single ply heads?

I actually went ahead and picked up clear G14s for my 12" and 14" toms (clear ambassador on resonant side) the other day- they are quite something! I didn't notice a drastic change in sustain from the coated 2-plies (super-2s and white suede emperors) I used to use, which I attribute to the shells and die-cast hoops, but the G14s have a lot more body and WAY more low-end. They tune quite nicely. One thing I noticed is that it was hard to get a good sound with my resonant head higher than the batter like I usually do- with these, I tuned both heads to the same pitch and it seems to work better than what I used to do. They react a bit slower than what I'm used to, but they are really good. For my stave kit, I will get a G1, G12, and G14 for the batters and Genera Resos and a G12 for the resonant heads. I will definitely talk about that when it comes, but for now- the G14s are my favorite.

Only complaint is that, these being the first clear or single ply tom batters I've used, I'm suddenly missing the fun of using brushes on toms :(
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