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Default Re: Hannah Ford and Prince

First, I don't think Steve Hass is the best drummer in the world. I never said that. I appreciate his skill as a time player and his level of improvisation. At that time, I was checking out lots of Hass at the recommendation of other drummer whom I know and respect. Jojo Mayer is an unmatched talent, but hearing him play swing/jazz time, is not something I enjoy, or something respected by jazz musicians. That's what I was saying back then. Nothing hateful. Just the truth as I see and hear it. Hannah Ford at that time, had no gigs, many falsified credits on her resume, and her website was full of unrealistic accolades. I just call a spade a spade. If you think music is about the whole package, that's fine. I don't. Music is about music. Not 6 pack abs, tattoos, a large tommy lee penis, or a modelesque girl. If you have those things, great! But you still have to deliver like a pro. Pop culture is not music. I heard Hannah with Prince. Her time is still very shaky. It's not even close to being funky. Especially if you listen to Prince with Michael Bland, or John Blackwell. Feel free to call me whatever you want. I speak what I hear. It's not hating when it's real. It's what I hear. Like people have said, image has more to do with this than musicianship. End of story. There are plenty of drummers who share my sex that play really great. Cindy Blackman, Sheila E, Nickie Glaspie, Kim Thompson etc. This is about shtick. Not music. Prince himself doesn't sound as good to my ears backed up by these semi-pros. I play the drums, this instrument we all love, but I'm also an avid music fan. A real listener. This is my opinion. Had Hannah sounded as funky and skilled as Sheila E, I'd have nothing to say. But she sounds like the same drummer we were talking about 2 year ago, except now, Prince is singing and playing guitar.

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