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Default Re: Colored Cymbal Felts?

Originally Posted by D. Rumble View Post
I jumped on these Cympads as soon as I saw them, hoping it would solve the age-old problem of felts not being completely flat/even and the angle of a cymbal changing when the cymbal and felt rotate. Turned out it was even worse with the Cympads. The foam is almost like memory foam. When your cymbal is angled, the pad gets compressed on the side towards which the cymbal is angled. Much more so than a felt. So then when your cymbal and the pad rotate while playing, the cymbal gets angled in all kinds of weird directions. It was pretty disastrous.
I've found this to be true as well. To me it also seems the cympads enable the cymbal to spin around more easily than with regular felts, and it's bloody irritating. The cympads are okay as a top "felt", but even so, I find myself preferring normal felts.
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