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Default Re: DW 7000 dbl bass at GC

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Honestly, Im a big DW pedal fan but for the money that can get you a used 5002, the 7000's aren't as good an investment. I see used 5002's on the GC website for 150, sometimes less...also, with the 5000's, if something does fail, you(I) can justify putting money into parts. I can't see the sense putting any money into anything other the 5's and 9's ...Sorry!
Yeah when I got back into drumming a couple years ago I actually just wanted something cheap for the time being, which was the PDP 502 double pedal I believe it is, but they didn't have it there at GC. I looked over my shoulder and seen the 3000's new on a shelf and said why not. Well I didn't know much about drumming nor hardware about 10 years ago and sort of rushed back into it a couple years ago so that's my fault. Though I don't really like to do used and I guess I should have bought something else new but cheap for the time being but was trying to keep everything of the same company. Now that I look back that was silly, I know. I can only learn and grow from my mistakes. Though I know A LOT more now and can't wait to do the whole buying experience again some day lol!

Honestly though they're not bad pedals and for pedals in their range they are very very solid but a bit over priced. I could kick myself for paying the $200 for them but like I say you live and learn right?
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