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Default Re: cymbal stand repair (clamp)

Originally Posted by alex19 View Post
played a gig last night. used my kit, but the other drummer used his own breakables. when I came to mount my cymbals and adjust the stand, the bottom wingnut just wasn't holding the stand up. what I mean is the stand is made up of 3 bits of tube. the clamp at the top of the thickest tube which holds the rest at the right height has broke. can these be replaced?

im assuming the drummer clamped it too tight and this is why its happened. its a pearl 900 series boom stand. its the plasic insert that looks cracked.

if they can be replaced then where would I get one from. pearl themselves?

ive never had any pearl stuff break on me before

Check the threads on the wing screw and on/in the stand joint.

Its unlikely the plastic insert is damaged, there's a crack/split in it to allow it to compress... and actually if it was broken, fixing just that would be the easiest way out.

I can almost guarantee you the threads are stripped in the stand. The stands joint is pot metal, the wing screw is steel, steel will always win over pot metal in a battle of threads.

Inexperienced drummers over tighten their hardware, its really, really common. When you have any kind of stand w/o steel inserts being used where threads are involved, sooner or later the threads are going to pull out, get destroyed... over tightening is the most common.

HELI COIL is a possible fix, you'll have to remove the joint to drill out the hole and insert HELICOIL threads. To remove the joint, use an allen wrench sized to the set screw highlighted in pic below with the arrow, then the joint will slip off with a little persuasion.

HELICOIL kits are pricy, but if you're in this drumming game and use your hardware a lot, or let others use it, it'll pay for itself. Once coiled, thread damage from over tightening will be greatly reduced as HELI threads are steel. Think of it as an upgrade.

Another option is order a joint from PEARL, but that won't protect your other threads in the future. Other than that the stand is damaged, you're looking at hose clamps that'll stop the vertical slippage, but not spinning of the tube.
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