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Originally Posted by JW89
dude, travis is definetly better than that solo, u gotta find some better stuff, that solo is easy as hell compared to wat ive seen him do live, that solo was actually really simple, ive only been playin for about 2 years and i can play that, its good to listen to when ur a beginner, but its pretty easy when ur more experienced...hes definetly an extreemly talented guy, but if u wanna prove a point about him being a really great drummer, find some better footage, cause that was childs play, im not saying im amazing, but that solo just wasnt that hard
That's the problem with Barker. Everytime I ask for somethng better, nobody can produce anything. I've now listened to every Blink 182 song and watched about 5 videos. I like ONE thing he's done in all that material (it had a cool cowbell part is all I remember).

He's funny on his show though, especially the one where his girl and the wedding planner were going on and on, and he was totally zoning and not caring one bit...
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