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Originally Posted by NUTHA JASON
i got to believe this. a guy like virgil has miles of studio tape with his drumming on. very few of us can claim to know the full length of virgil's career. judging any drummer must shurely involve at least looking at half of his/her whole recorded material and virgil's is huge and obscure. what he does these days is so far off the envelope that it doesn't sit nicely in my ear but i have to believe that he can hold down a four on the floor should the song call for it. lol...imagine him covering an AC/DCsong. (that said, i learned more about drumming from phil rudd than i ever learned from virgil)

A couple of years back (the last clinic I caught him at), Virgil was asked a question that kind of went like this:
"Do you play any straight stuff?" (not an exact quote)

Virgil mentioned that he was just fresh off some LA studio sessions, doing some studio for a project that included some Rolling Stones dudes.... It was a very straight rock album.

I'll try and find the credit. I've not heard it myself, but I would have to assume that Virgil can hold down a 4/4 feel just fine.
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