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Default Re: Can a better pedal improve my technique?

Hmm. I've played on pedals at jams that were old, stiff, and generally very unpleasant, very much like the pedal from my first kit. I certainly could make them work, but I didn't enjoy the experience- and as a result I always take my own pedal now.

And in that, there is a grain of truth. An old instructor of mine once said "Practice makes perfect, but only if you practice perfectly". You will play the way you practice. And if a pedal is so nasty stiff/sloppy/gnarly that you have to adapt your technique to it, and you practice extensively with it, then it can and very definitely will *influence* your technique. Improve or harm is in the eye of the beholder at that point.

I know that it took me a long time to recover from the bad habits I learned to make my first crappy pedal work: when I got my first Speed King with nice smooth non-gummy bearings, it was quite a revelation, and my playing did improve in ways that simply would not have been possible with the original. So I would counsel caution in making blanket statements like "It's not the pedal". Fact is, there really *are* some out no-name/budget/old/abused pedals out there that are mechanically bad enough to screw a young player up- especially if they aren't taking lessons from a good instructor...

Dropping cash on gear certainly isn't a cure-all, but there are some specific issues that improved gear can help cure sometimes. Maybe it isn't common, but it does happen.
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