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Originally Posted by Schwilla View Post
I would not go with anything less than a DM10. The production quality increased greatly in the new module. The DM8 is a posibility, but the harness has a single plug on the module side, so customization is near impossible. Attached is my set utilizing a DM10 (799 us) and DM10X (900 us USED) and still has room to expand with new heads/cymbals. Best bang for the buck and have been working fantastic once the process of tweeking the sounds and minimal crosstalk with excellent recording. best of luck

Sweet kit! Here's mine:

It's a LOT smaller, but the addition of the Gen 16 cymbals addresses one of the only sore points of the Alesis module, the hi-hat response. Don't let all the Roland guys fool you saying that any of their modules is better than the DM10 though. Unless you spring for a TD30 or TD20, or maybe a TD12, which cost anywhere between two times to five times more than the DM10, you're unlikely to get a realistic hi-hat action. The sound can be triggered via a VST, so you will be able to get excellent open sounds and closed sounds. It's the in-between stuff that's a bit hard to extract from most modules, especially since a hi-hat pad is nowhere close to the feel of a hi-hat cymbal with its own stand.
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