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Default Re: Your Favorite Alcohol High

Originally Posted by zambizzi View Post
Honestly, I'm weaksauce. I can't have more than 2-3 beers or a big glass of wine, anymore. It was fun when I was younger but I'm trying to retain whatever gray matter I haven't scorched already. Getting blackout, stupid drunk a few times and forgetting half the night, was sobering for me. :)
It's the blackouts that worried me. I've been caught by friends swinging around not one but two bouncers and threatening to punch their lights out, fallen straight through glass tables, walked around at a CRAZY birthday party referring to myself as Jimmy, got into a car crash and asked the Doctor that was stitching up my head, "I be Jimmy, who might you be?" That's the stuff I heard about. Once I woke up on a rafting trip standing at the entrance to the camp. Just woke up. First thought was to go and get some cigarettes and some army soldier is telling me, "Go back! Go back to the camp!" I had to argue with him and he followed me till I found a shop, bought some cigs and returned to base.

Creepy. Got to keep Jimmy inside, hahaha.
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