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Default Re: Axis Longboard double pedal facelift

Ok, here are some pics.

Haven't disassembled the slave pedal yet. Wanted to first finish the main pedal and then do the slave pedal. This is still work in progress and the parts are all unpolished yet. (I did polish the main pedal footboard at first - it looked ok - but then decided to resand it, then repolish, which I haven't done yet). But I think you can see the difference between the orig. and reworked pieces. I guess I should use some power tools for the plates. Let's see.

Pics were taken in the morning, with "lo-fi" sunlight. I added a tad of contrast in the pics. There were 6 velcro type strips at the bottom side of each groundplate which I removed for better cleanup. I have similar tape (3M DualLok, leftovers from my guitar fx stageboard) that I can use.
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