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Default Re: Recording Electronic Drums

Originally Posted by dave454 View Post
Another good idea, but Mixers are even more expensive than a Q3, which as todd said will record the video and audio simultaneously.

I think I'm gonna have a think about it and the budget I can realistically put forward to a bit of fun on Youtube. I'll probably save up for a Q3 or mixer, as midi to USB with garageband drums isn't going to sound the best.
You're right about the garage band part.....I have Superior drummer but I never use it because I prefer the sound of my kit, I spent quite some time getting it to sound how I like it.

There's another inexpensive way but not sure if it will work for you.....again not sure about your module but does it have audio output??? If it does, perhaps you can use that and whatever input you have in your Mac....luckily you will only need a cable and possibly an adapter instead of investing in a mixer or an interface.
Go to your music store and explain your situation to them, just first find out what are the output and input options in your module and Mac.

Good luck
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