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Default Re: Initial review of Aquarian's Super 2 coated head

Well, since you're asking for suggestions, let me tell you about... kidding. ;)

I'm actually really intrigued to hear about the coated Super 2 on the snare. I've heard good things about using the clear ones for toms but I've never heard of anyone trying the coated ones on a snare before. It makes sense using one slightly thinner ply would be a good middle ground for the feel of a two-ply but being slightly more open like a one-ply.

One of the things that has been a minor stumbling block to getting deeper into Aquarian is I just don't know all of the different models and the entire line just doesn't seem as intuitive to figure out as either Remo or Evans. I don't actually think it's actually much different, but man, I just know both Remo and Evans' product lines so well now after using them for so long.

I love hearing about people's hands-on experiences because *just* knowing the specs isn't always a good indication of how it will perform in real life.
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