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Default Re: Initial review of Aquarian's Super 2 coated head

I find that single ply tom heads just plain sound more open on my recordings. I base everything on how it sounds out front first. The 2 ply heads on toms sound good to me on stage, but even unmuffled, they seem to make the drum more sluggish sounding on the recordings. Even 10 mil heads sound a little thick to me on the recordings. But then a single ply 7 mil head like a diplomat sounds way too thin on toms. So until they make a 9 mil, a 10 mil it is. I like the papery sounding attack on toms, no coating for me. Nice adjective, papery. And a single ply snare head sounds too thin to me. So we are opposites like that.

Everyone is different in what they go for. The important thing is that you know what it is you like and how to get what you want.
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