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Default Re: Initial review of Aquarian's Super 2 coated head

Interesting findings Larry. I like Aquarian's coating too. It's way more durable than the Remo coating. I can't get used to a 2 ply head on snares though, at least not on wood snares. Even a reverse dot single ply is an issue for me. I like coated G1's. For me, they allow the subtle differences in snares to show through. I don't need any dampening.

Funny, I'm kinda the reverse on toms. There's very few circumstances where I prefer a single ply. A pure acoustic gig, I'm kinda liking the papery openness, but not if I have to lay into them a bit. In every other application, I'll take a 2 ply, but a simple one like G2's. I don't like anything with edge dampening stuff going on.

Then I'm the reverse again for bass drums. I'm back to single ply love.

What a strange boy I am.
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