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Originally Posted by spacebeat3117
If you still believe that Travis isnt a good drummer watch this
Wow, I'm embarrassed for OCdrum.

What a horrible excursion in drumming. This video demonstrates everything that is wrong with modern pop drumming and stardom-over-skill.

The best part is when he goes back under the stage and its done.

Seriously, how can any 'drummer' think that is good? I can understand the thousands of 14 year old girls in the crowd yelling their brains out. He has nice tatoos and a cool mohawk, and really cool lights.

But what does that have to do with drumming?

Horrible horrible horrible. A bunch of running 16th notes and flashing lights...big friggin' deal.

Even the drum sound is horrible. Did he even bother tuning the kick and toms? Also, there are so many fundamentally things wrong with his hi-hat setup, and his tom setups, its laughable. His strokes are even disgraceful, especially from a supposed rudimental genius.

Please do us a favor, and go on and check out Bonham, Porcaro, Weckl, Smith, Drumbassadors, Gadd, Coliauta, Copeland, Chambers, Beauford, Townsley, Bissonette, Moore, Jarzombek, Lang, Minneman, Igoe, Irskine, Famularo, Mayer, Phillips, Riel, Ward, Williams, etc. etc.

Then come back and tell us how great that video is.
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