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Thanks for reading! I owe a lot to my folks who didn't mind my practicing. I also lived in an area where the noise wasn't really an issue.

Your daughters seem to be having interesting and varied experiences. What is your younger one taking in Singapore?

Game design always seemed fun and challenging. I hope your daughter enjoys herself in that field.

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Oh golly gosh, what a fascinating bio!

I'm so glad your parents realised how important drumming was to you. Parents are notoriously fallible, especially when it comes to the essential stuff.

My younger daughter (mini-Madge) would have given her eye-teeth to teach English in South Korea. (My friend's daughter did it, without sacrificing any body part, as far as I'm aware.) Mini-Madge is currently studying in Singapore.

My elder daughter (midi-Madge) is studying Games Art/Design; I wouldn't be a bit surprised if she is interested in the same music that you listen to.

Welcome to DW. Dig in!
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