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Default Re: Your Favorite Alcohol High

Originally Posted by DrumEatDrum View Post
Pure alcohol is indeed alcohol.

But in terms of drinks, no beer, wine or hard liquor is pure alcohol. If they were, there would be no difference between a $9.99 bottle of whiskey and a $50 bottle of scotch.
+1.Correct.The difference is in the delivery system.Some alcohols sugar content is higher than others,so the effect will be different,but only slightly.

If you drink any two types alcohol,that have the same proof or alcohol will not get you drunker,or make you fell totally different than the other.

Alcohol is what gets you high.

Having said that,with the exception of Yuengling,Sam Adams and a hand full of micro brewed stuff,American beer sucks.....period.Bud,Coors,Miller and just about any other American beer you can think pure swill,especially the light and ultralight stuff.Give me my German import beer in a bottle or on tap.

Most of the wine I drink is local vineyard stuff,and very good wine,without the pricetag.

I also enjoy my Jack Daniels Green label wiskey neat..Some Grey Goose or Gabo Wabo tequila out of the freezer with a little lime is great also.

During the summer,gin and tonic,or Springbank single malt in the winter,with the occasional warmed Courvoisier.

Steve B
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