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Default Axis Longboard double pedal facelift

I got a used pair of Axis Longboards yesterday, bought them from our member David Floegel. Never seen Axis pedals in the flesh or tested them before but I'm sure they'll make a great repacement for my first double pedal, a dw2002. I even didn't test them after delivery but went straight ahead to give them a thorough cleanup (a habit of mine - first get it clean, then check it), repolishing the aluminum parts with a special polishing paste. Once started, I realized that I'd want to resand everything (using fine sand paper) to get it super shiny and then do the polishing - which will enhance the cosmetics but also serve as a kind of protection coat.

Still working on the main pedal after a couple hours. Will upload progress/comparison pics. I'll try to dismantle a few parts to have an easier time reworking them. Also noticed that the heel part can be flattened by a few mm. Before doing any mod on the heel block I'll definitely test the pedals to determine whether it's worth doing the mod.

Dumb to do all that work? Possibly yes. The as is look of the Axis pedals just seemed so raw/crude to me so I decided to do something about it. Also, there were a few scratches/nicks here and there so reworking/resanding seemed like a great way to get rid of all this, plus I'd have individualized pedals. Should look killer afterwards.

(BTW, I've done some modding on the dw2002 also. Not sure yet whether to keep it as an additional/spare double pedal or let it go.)

Here's a pic from the previous owner (w/ non-original beaters, drums = Sonor SQ2).
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