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Default Re: Your Favorite Alcohol High

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
On the rare occasions I do hard liquor, I find that rum makes me dull, tequila is interesting, bourbon is my favorite, Kamikazes are pretty cool and the rest I don't really know about. I like the beer high the best, but I don't like that you have to drink so much.

What's your favorite alcohol high and why?
Not a huge drinker but:

1) Jim Beam - when Im with old friends who want to pretend we're all 20 years old for one evening

2) Glenmorangie- When Im with some 'sophisticates' who might give me an opportunity to make some money.

3) The 3 Ms- ( Mohitos, Marinis, or Margueritas ) when Im out socializing with 'regular friends'.

4) Good Wine - When I'm out for dinner with my wife.

5) Beer- ( Amstel light, Corona ) - which I sip really slowly before and during a gig.

6) Will occassionaly burn some soothing herbs to relax the post gig adrenalin but I guess thats non alcholic. ( Never in the parking lot, though )

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