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Default Connecting gen16 to 2box module


I just received my first drumkit and it came with a Gen16 cymbal set. I have some problems setting it up... Hope someone here can help me.

I have no clue how to connect the gen16 DSP to the 2box module..(nothing in the manual on this ... and 2box module doesnt come with a manual, at least mine didnt) The Gen16 dsp has 2 jack outs for left and right channel ... do these go to line in 1 and 2 on the 2box module ?

Do I have to configure inputs on the 2box ?

I tried connecting with a headphone from the aux port but sound quality kills my ears, lots of white noise. I read about "amping" gen16 would give me better sound quality ... how would I do this in combination with the 2box module ?

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