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Default Re: What is the your favorite alcohol high?

Anything that pours, except (unfortunately) hopped beer. It would appear that I inherited an allergy to hops from my dad, believe it or not. He'd go anaphylactic and end up in the ER if he got *near* the stuff. I'm not quite so badly affected. I can drink 5 sips and be viciously sick for a week (it causes instant gastritis), but not rush-to-the-ER level sick. The thing that really sucks is having to avoid beer-battered fish&chips and the like: frying the beer in the batter apparently does not denature whatever wierdball protein it is from the hops that sets my gut off.

So I console myself with everything else. I'm especially fond of small-batch island rums these days, like Clarke's Court Old Grog from Grenada, or Seven Fathoms from Grand Cayman... The closest mass-import rum you can get here in the US without going down island for them is Mount Gay from Barbados. One thing that must be said: Bacardi products are not rum. I don't know exactly what they *are* (parts washer fluid, perhaps), but rum they are not. I can't stand 'em. They have permanently turned more people off from rum than anything else... (;-)
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