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Default Re: Updating my Yamaha DTXplorer

Originally Posted by thebarak View Post
If you can afford to, sell it and replace it outright with a newer Yamaha kit. There is never good value for money in upgrades and the resale value does not usually go up when you alter the default configuration, no matter how much you spend.
I agree. Upgrades as "updates" rarely make sense. This seems to be the case in almost all consumer goods that come in 'packages'. If you have a kit you love, but you wish it just had one more cymbal, then buying another cymbal makes sense. However, if you think your whole kit is dated, then you should think about a new one (or newer one, buying used, but newer than what you have might be an option). Updating part by part will cost a fortune, and you'll still have some old pieces, which will be a liability (how are you going to feel if you spend $800 on all new pads and a module, and then your old rack breaks?). Mind you, I am not saying you need a new kit. Only you can know that. You might want to play what you've got while you save up for a new kit later.

Also, your English is excellent. Most of us native speakers make more mistakes just from laziness.
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