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Default Re: DW 7000 dbl bass at GC

Originally Posted by XplosiveDrummer View Post
Honestly my decision to get the IC's over my 3000's wasn't because of that, at the time, it was because of the horrible and cheap rocker assembly with that bearing rocker. The bearing rocker is poorly made and that design causes a lot of friction which slows the action of the pedal. My bearing rocker is burned up and I have to order a new one which is $6+tax. I barely had it for about 2 years and you could hear the destruction going on in the bearing rocker.
Actually, the problem with this was that DW's bearing supplier shipped them a box of lemons. Those defective bearings failed quickly.

They corrected the problem, and if you phone them up, they'll probably send you a replacement bearing for free.

I had one of these in one of my DW's and it got grindy and adding lube did not help much.
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