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Default Hello!

Hi! Been looking through some of the posts on this forum and figured I'd introduce myself. I'm Kyle, 29 years old and have been playing since high school (10+ years). Currently I am using a Yamaha DTX520K with a few extra pads, but in the past I had a Yamaha Beech Custom kit with Meinl and Paiste cymbals.

I listen to a lot of video game music, but also like some jazz, some rock, little of this and little of that. Mainly I like music that is sophisticated and eclectic and challenging to play with, or music that evokes strong emotions. I am interested in Afro-Cuban and Brazilian rhythms as well as left-foot clave work, and although I don't really follow death metal so much in itself, I am a big fan of speed metal double bass playing (i.e. George Kollias, Derek Roddy, Alex Rudinger).

I have been working on some drum cover videos for the past year or so, viewable at . I mostly have done video game covers, but prefer tunes that are either complex or let me take some creative liberties.

When I was in high school I simply found I was becoming drawn to the drums. I would sometimes kick the front part of my desk in school pretending it was a kick drum, while "air-playing" everything else. It took a while but I eventually persuaded my parents to get me my first kit, an entry-level Peavey set with an extra Meinl Lightning-series crash (now discontinued). Instead of getting bored with them I kept playing, and eventually upgraded to a Yamaha Beech Custom with Meinl Lightning crashes, an Amun big bell power ride, Paiste Innovations hi-hats, and a super thin Paiste Dimensions china-type. Most of those cymbals I believe are no longer manufactured.

Then - I ended up selling all that due to financial reasons, and some years later found myself in South Korea teaching English. I saved up enough money from that gig to buy what I have today!

In addition to drumming I am a big foreign language buff and interested in travel and international affairs. I have seriously studied German, Russian, Japanese, and some Mandarin and Korean. If you happen to speak any of those drop me a line! I very much enjoy meeting people from all over. My college degree is in international studies as well. I studied in Germany and have traveled to Japan.

That's all I can think of! Thanks for making it this far.
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