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Default Re: A tale of two Iron Cobras

Yeah I think for us drummers its best to try what we like and play what we want. I think all too often people get caught up in marketing hype and so forth. For the younger players or those hard working musicians I feel bad because often time the gear does not live up to the hype.

Thanks for the well wishes; I had to play another gig tonight and I am feeling better. I still played it safe though and not go crazy. Really cozy gig with no monitors so it was strange not having some feedback of my kick or any of my lead singers vocals for a reference. I am also very congested still as confirmed by the visit to my Doctor this morning. Good news in about a week I should be sorted.

Still digging the rolling glide but now I have a gig that will take me out of town for a couple weeks before I get to return to my home kit. Might try to pack the pedal if I can fit it just to work it in.
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