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Default Re: EMAD on 18" kick fitment issues

I have an EMAD on 18" BD of my 2011 Custom USA Gretsch fits like a glove and - as you already know with your 22" bd.....killer sound! My drum has a Nitro (Pearl) wrap and the wrap does not carry on to the bearing edges.......leaving for a nice loose-like very tunible fit.

I spoke with Paul Cooper at the Gretsch factory a while back. I can't recall how we got onto the subject but he did mention Gretsch has not had QC issues with EVANS.

A test would be to compare your 18 EMAD with one or more 18 EMAD heads (at a large drum retailer). Failing that...take precise diameter measurements of the EMAD head
and contact EMAD with your results. If it's a little large and that's how they build them at least you'd now have that info. And it may be helpful for others on the Forum to know this as well.
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